2015 book projects

Book projects by VJB/Scribe in 2015
2015 Book projects

Last year I was busy, with over 20 projects reaching the printer/distributor over the calendar year.

Themes: More interest in unusual treatments, more working directly with authors.

Most notable project: Finding Them Gone by Red Pine/Bill Porter, Copper Canyon Press. 400 pages, over 120 black and white photos, poems in Chinese with English translation. I had a great deal of design latitude over what photos to include and how to present the material. This book turned into a true labor of love for VJB/Scribe and for the team at Copper Canyon Press.

Most traditional book interior: Sense of the Whole, Counterpoint Press. VJB/Scribe handled the design and layout of the interior, up to the backmatter which was added after hand-off.

Changes in the industry: Publishers continue to lower their production standards. Lithocases are replacing jacketed hardcovers, paper is replacing cloth over boards. Digital printing is so good most people can’t tell the difference. POD has improved some, but, most people don’t notice that either!  Color is whatever it turns out to be.

PDF commenting seems to have been adopted by everyone, at least on one side of the digital divide. Since it actually takes longer to make changes communicated that way (I’ll write a separate post about that), we’ve gone backwards just to be digital. Not the first time!

Since I’m updating my blog, that must mean I have time for your project in my schedule. Get in touch!

Author: VJB/Scribe

Book designer, project manager, publishing coach. Author of Bookbuilder's Almanac, the swatchbook for digital publishing design.

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