Book Design and Publishing Services

Book projects by VJB/Scribe in 2015

VJB/Scribe, also known as Scribe Typography, is a book design and publishing service.

Valerie Brewster Caldwell, has decades of experience producing beautiful books, including books that have won the National Book Award and Pulitzer Prize.

If you are going to publish, stand out from the rest.
If you are making a book of your memoir, family history, wedding album, or other special project, work with a me to achieve your goals.

  • Book cover design
  • Book interior design
  • Prepress production for hardcover, softcover, and electronic books
  • Collateral advertising and fund-raising design for print and social media
  • Self-publishing coach

Based in Santa Barbara, CA and Port Townsend, WA. Works remotely with clients from all over as a freelance book designer or contract book designer.

Cover Design


Book Interior Design


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Self-published, and heirloom books

Books below were published by the authors and printed through CreateSpace, Ingram/Spark, Lightning Source), McNaughton & Gunn, Malloy, Haagen Printing and Bookmobile. Some of these books had ebooks and both hardcover and softcover editions as part of the publishing program.


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