Book Design and Publishing Production Management

VJB/Scribe, also known as Scribe Typography, is a design and publishing production management service for publishers, authors, and design firms.

Valerie Brewster, owner and art director, has decades of experience delivering beautiful books, including books that won the National Book Award and Pulitzer Prize.

If you are going to make a book, why not make one that stands out from the rest?

  • Book cover design
  • Book interior design
  • Prepress production for hardcover, softcover, and electronic books
  • Collateral design for print and social media
  • Self-publishing coach

Cover Design

Book Interior Design

Softcovers and Jackets

Self-published, author published

Books below were published by the authors and printed through CreateSpace, Ingram/Spark (Lightning Source), web press printers McNaughton & Gunn and Malloy, and craft printer Haagen Printing. Some of these books had ebooks and both hardcover and softcover editions as part of the publishing program.

Recent Posts

The case for a bare case

Hardcover cases are almost always hidden under jackets. That’s a shame, since the skin of the book is where textures and colors add dimension to the book design.

The hardcover skin is a vestigial organ,  and therefore a part of the book budget that gets squeezed early when cost is an issue.

Here’s a simple case covered in textured paper with a dull silver embossed spine. This is about a basic as a case can get. The only “extras” here (in cost) are the two debosses: on the front cover, and on the lower back cover. Generally, a spine must have visible embossed text for the occasions when the book is separated from it’s clothing.



 Where Now: New and Selected Poems by Laura Kasischke, published by Copper Canyon Press

The texture of the paper, part of the standard textures offered by Rainbow, echoes the photo on the cover of the book, a mysterious cloth floating down a stream.

CCP_KasischkeWhereWill anyone look at the binding? When I designed it, I liked to imagine author Laura Kasischke pealing back the jacket and admiring her own name, debossed on the cover: Her accomplishment.

Case binding by John H. Dekker & Sons of Grand Rapids, MI.

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