Guide to book typography and design for digital printing

Bookbuilder’s Almanac: Volume One

Lightning Source edition, ISBN 978-0-9973923-0-2

If you design books bound for print on demand, this book will help you evaluate which typefaces, tints, lines, resolutions, and photo adjustments deliver best results. If you are a managing editor or production manager considering POD as part of your fulfillment program, Bookbuilder’s Almanac provides a way to make informed choices.

Cover of the new publication Bookbuilder's Almanac Back cover of Bookbuilder's Almanac: Volume One, grayscale bar, color photo, barcode

Bookbulder’s Almanac: Volume One, Lightning Source (IngramSpark) edition

I created Bookbuilder’s Almanac to answer my own questions about the digital print capabilities: Do the old rules from print apply in digital printing? Why do some typefaces look so terrible? Which typefaces, tints, and resolutions give the best results?  Now you can find out the answers yourself when you order a copy.

Volume One is printed through Lightning Source (IngramSpark) on white paper with gloss cover. Upcoming Volume 2 will be printed at CreateSpace. Both volumes will have the same calibrated examples, so it will, at last, be possible to evaluate quality across print providers and know how to design for the foreseeable life cycle of the book.

Volume Two is nearing completion. Based on the results from Volume One, I’ve expanded the typeface samples, including some free fonts, and improved the samples themselves to provide even more information about how the typefaces perform on the page. Volume Two will include expanded density examples, and a few different pieces of good advice.

Volume One on sale on Amazon.

Review by Mike Rankin at CreativePro




Table of Contents for Volume One
Illustrations show you the calibrated results of grayscale conversion
Specimens show typefaces for books. Which ones look great in POD?
Your book is going to be how many pages?

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