Design Eye on AWP16 part 2

I know, AWP16 is so #LastWeek.

Want to mention a few more design finds. Two publishers caught my eye because of their great cover programs.

Open Letter Books

Open Letter Books has a wonderful set of covers, all made with simple illustration type and color. Have to admire the creativity there. Open Letter is a literary translation press out of Rochester University. Ann Zylicz is the designer of at least some of those books.

Broken River Books had a table of great book covers playing off of vintage cover design, often in a weathered grungy treatment.

Covers by Broken River Press designed by Matt Rivere [?]
AWP16 Broken River Books booth
The folks at Broken River Press

Finally, some striking broadsides caught my eye and led me to conversation with Doncarlos Price about Public Pool. “One Space for All Poets” has a dynamic visual presence, announces a future podcast and takes video submission along with written submission. Take a look.


Author: VJB/Scribe

Book designer, project manager, publishing coach. Author of Bookbuilder's Almanac, the swatchbook for digital publishing design.

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