Published in 2013


I feel satisfied that my time was well spent when I stack the books I helped publish in 2013.

This “shelfie” includes titles from Copper Canyon Press, Counterpoint, Berrett-Koehler, Westchester State University, American Poetry Review, Silverfish Review Press, FamilyWealth Consulting, and Unfettered Mind Media.

Contact me about your publishing project and add your book to the stack this year!

You can read the titles better here:


Book appears in the New York Times

It has been an exciting week, with a review of Tom Hennen’s Darkness Sticks to Everything in the New York Times along with a photo of the book.

While designing the book, I grew to love the poems and have been telling all my poetry friends to read Tom Hennen. Well, the book is now out, and I hope is reaching many new readers.

For this title, we found another great cover image in the work of Susan Bennerstrom. I chose a smaller trim size, that fits the generally brief poems and prose poems well. You might even carry this in your coat pocket.



Books of poetry by Alan Stephens arrive


Today, I received the results of 2 years’ work:  three volumes of poetry by Alan Stephens, edited by his son, Alan Archer Stephens. There are a few poems by Alan Stephens on the web here, and a beautiful website about the books is here at

This book project was unusual in that we pursued excellence in a way that publishing ventures rarely do.

I centered the poems on the page for nearly 1000 pages of poems. Nobody is crazy enough to do that anymore. There are lots of complicated hierarchies of things — part titles, subtitles, part title epigrams, poem part titles, poem subtitles . . . lots of things to obsess over. And we did. By printing single books at LightningSource (now Ingram), we were able to make adjustments and perfect even more details.

Today I held those hardcovers for the first time. The book makes it possible for me to read the writing in a way I couldn’t while it was onscreen, or on single letter-size pages. I found I was reading, enjoying, and then had tucked the jacket flap in as a bookmark so I could read the poem again next time I opened the book. Books really are a wonderful technology.

We built these books to last, and I believe they have the qualities that will make them stay in book collections for a long time.

VJBScribe designed and composed the books. Dowitcher Press handled printing, fulfillment and marketing. Some information about ordering books is here.

Collected Poems: 1958–1998
Selected Poems
Running at Hendrys: Sonnets

by Alan Stephens
Limited edition hardcovers available from Dowitcher Press